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Dominate your market with the best dispensary mobile app in the industry

Discovery how to:

Turn one-time customers into repeat buyers that promote your store for you. 

Increase the amount a customer spends per transaction without discounting a single product. 

Raise your prices and sell more products than your competitors.

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Increase Sales

Increase sales without slashing your prices.

You need a mobile application that gives your customers a better shopping experience. An interface that makes it easy for them to find the products they want.

If you want to really grow you need to separate your dispensary from the crowd by giving your customers a unique shopping experience that no one else can deliver.

Protect your business from losing customers to price shopping by giving them a shopping experience they love right in their pocket.

Real integration with your eCommerce and POS platforms.

Add flexibility you can’t get from your eCommerce or rewards points providers. We integrate with them directly so you can have everything they offer and stack even more great features on top.

Don’t like your providers?
Our integration allows you to seamlessly switch your eCommerce or rewards points provider. Don’t get tied to your eCommerce or rewards points platforms. Switch providers seamlessly without spending a penny on updating your mobile app.

Promotion and sales that users can actually find.

Market your promotions and sales like never before by giving your customers an easy way to shop your specials.

Get your promotions in your customer's faces with a flexible promotion tool that sends notifications, and presents users with in-app badges, custom promotion bars, and bundle deals as they shop.

Sell more with Upsells, Downsells, and Cross-Sells.

Increase order totals by offering intelligent upsells, downsells and cross-sells to customers while they shop and during checkout. Easily increase order totals by 20%+ just by offering them the right product at the right time.

Intelligent Recommendations to increase order totals.

Be your customer's best friend by using their engagement, likes, dislikes, and reviews to provide them with customized recommendations you know they will love.

Sell more of the same product for higher prices through recommendations and add-ons. Give customers an amazing shopping experience where the price is secondary to the experience.

Analytics and tracking you can actually use.

Gain valuable insight into exactly what your customers are thinking while browsing your store.

Know exactly what promotions are working and what aren’t. Make adjustments and see results right away.

See what products aren't converting and why. Make product promotion and pricing adjustments and see results in real-time.

Increase repeat sales

Create loyal customers that buy more often and advertise your brand for you.

It’s a myth that customers only care about price.
What customers care about is belonging to something.
A customer that loves a brand will spend 2X more for a product to support a business they love.
Stop competing on price and start giving your customers what they really want.

Custom achievements that get users engaged.

Combine rewards with custom in-app achievements to keep users engaged and rewarded for interacting with your business. Build customer loyalty without having to try.

Combine your rewards system with your eCommerce shopping like never before. Create something totally unique that gets users shopping and earning rewards.

Integrate your rewards platform with the shopping experience.

You know just having a rewards app isn’t going to cut it. Integrate your rewards platform with the eCommerce shopping experience to give people instant gratification for shopping at your store.

Don’t have a rewards points platform? No Problem. Use our integrated rewards and achievements system to provide a customer experience that gets people shopping.

Create a referral engine that drives new business without spending a penny on marketing.

Give users incentives through achievements and bonuses for promoting your store and telling others.

Give rewards points or discounts for referrals. Track referrals and find out who your most loyal customers are.

Interact with customers through in-app content

Get people actually reading, watching, and sharing your content by giving them achievements and rewards.

Integrate with your existing content management system to feed your content to the mobile app. Wherever you create your content our system can pull it into your app so you only have to create it once.

Connect with customers through live in-app chat.

Let customers ask questions about products and locations directly from the mobile app. Respond to them in real-time or let them know you’ll get back to them.

Don’t let your customers go somewhere else because you're too busy to answer their questions. Give them a direct line to ask questions about products and locations in real-time right from their app.

Get real feedback from your customers.

Get feedback from customers right after they shop to learn more about their experience.

Give customers an easy way to track what products they did or didn’t enjoy. Use this information to give them better recommendations and services.

Respond to customer suggestions and complaints in real-time. Let the customer know you are listening and care about them.

Beat the competition

Stand out in the crowded market.

Having an edge in the crowded cannabis market is more important than ever. Everyone looks the same and sells the same products. A high-quality mobile app is exactly what can give you the edge you are looking for.

Stop worrying about competing on price and start reaping the rewards of creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience customers rave about.

A completely custom design unique to your brand.

Look light years better than your competitors with an app that blows their websites and apps out of the water.

Have a mobile shopping experience that is unique to your brand and focused on creating an amazing customer shopping experience.

Sell the same product for more money because you provide an enhanced shopping experience.

Look bigger and better than the largest dispensaries with a modern, sleek,, and high performing mobile application.

Give your customers the filters and search tools they want.

Make it easy for your customers to browse your specials. Give them extra incentives with countdown timers and limited quantity alerts.

Give users the filters and searches they need by providing them with custom filters based on their behavior. Create quick searches and filters that allow customers to find the right products at the right time.

Stay in touch with automated and manual app notifications.

Keep your customers in the loop with special and promotional alerts that get users shopping.

Keep up to date with customers about content, specials, promotions, and more through automated and manual app messaging.

We integrate with everything.

I Heart Jane
I Heart Jane
I Heart Jane
I Heart Jane
I Heart Jane
I Heart Jane

Who are we and why are we qualified?

We are Digital Awesome. A high end mobile application company that has worked with major brands to create exceptional customer experiences. Our special skill is helping our customers create incredible mobile experiences for users that grow profits and keep users coming back for more.

Our experience creating amazing applications has helped us create a unique skill set in the industry. We know what it takes to create a mobile application that gets downloads, gets used and makes money.

We are in the business of creating successful companies by helping them evolve their customer experience through mobile technology. 


Not convinced? Hear from our customers

Reimagine our business model.
We have been able to reimagine our business model to meet consumer demand. We’ve streamlined our business processes to work with more customers more often, and we’ve increased the volume of transactions we process.
Josh Phegan
Exceeded our expectations
The app was high quality and exceeded our expectations. They did it fast, advised along the way, and improved it with us after the initial release. You would be lucky to get this team as your technology partner.
Chris Badgett
Best-in-class caliber.
Digital Awesome has demonstrated a best-in-class caliber of work. They intuit top priorities and maintain a diligent work ethic to target the ideal outcomes.
Joshua Milliage
Partner, Equity Fund
A fantastic partner.
Digital Awesome is trustworthy and professional, doing high-quality work for a competitive price. They’re extremely organized and transparent, clearly outlining their past and current work. The team proactively engages in the project, making them a fantastic partner.
Jonathan Beck
Founder & CEO
Comprehensive feedback and actionable suggestions.
Users have responded positively to the solution's ease of use and depth of content. Digital Awesome's ability to provide comprehensive feedback and actionable suggestions in support of the project's success stands out.
Scott Wilson
A lasting partnership
Digital Awesome facilitated a successful product launch and delivered user-friendly designs that garnered positive feedback from stakeholders. The team is not only accessible and dependable but also communicative. Their responsiveness and pragmatism result in a lasting partnership.
David Brown

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grand slam offer

Get access to all of these features and more.

Implement the features we know work and leverage your data to constantly improve sales and customer retention.

Real integration with your eCommerce and POS platforms

We fully integrate with your platforms to create on-of-a-kind user experiences.

In-app Promotion and sales shopping tools for users

Banners, shopping navigators and promo slides that users actually see.

Sell more with Upsells, Downsells, and Cross-Sells

Custom and smart selling tools that boost sales totals using just-in-time selling.

Intelligent Recommendations to increase order totals

Recommendations based on each customer’s actual behavior that convert.

Analytics and tracking you can actually use to increase sales

Real analytics that actually matter allowing your team to make the right decisions.

Custom achievements that get users engaged and using the app

Get your customers excited to shop at your store and engage through rewards.

Integrate your rewards platform with the shopping experience

We fully integrate with your rewards platform to get users excited to spend money.

Connect with customers through live in-app chat

Let customers ask the questions they don’t want to in store. Be there for them.

A completely custom design unique to your brand

Stand out against the competition with an app that looks and functions better.

Give your customers the filters and search tools they want

Create real filters and custom categories focused on making shopping easier.

Stay in touch with automated and manual app notifications

Make more sales and sell the products you want by keeping customers informed.

Feed your content directly to the app and engage with users

Give your customers a better way to consume your marketing content.

Referral engine that gets customers promoting you

Give customers an incentive to promote you and make it easy and rewarding.

Integrate your rewards platform with the shopping experience

Take your rewards to the next level by integrating it into your store experience.

Online orders tracking for curbside, in-store pick up, and delivery

Give users an easy way to track order progress and re-order favorites.

Compliance, security, optimization, and upgrades

We keep you compliant and secure. We add constantly add new features.

bonus #1

Engagement strategy sessions

We work with you 1-on-1 to devise a strategy that is guaranteed to keep your app installed on everyone’s phone. We show you exactly what achievements, rewards and engagement tools you need to turn customers into raving fans that can’t stop using your app. Oh ya, and we implement the entire strategy.

bonus #2

Analytics deep dive sessions

Take your marketing strategy to level 9000. We give you all of the information you need to know when to raise prices and push promotions. We even set everything up for you and automate the entire process. Watch sales skyrocket without lifting a finger. 

bonus #3

Unlimited sales and marketing support

Don’t go at it alone. Let us work with you to monitor engagement and analytics and help you make adjustments that create the big wins. You’ll love sitting back and watching us implement our proven customer acquisition strategies. And once we get your customers using the app we’ll implement our profit strategies to get them buying over and over again.

Warning! Limited spots due to intense work scope.

We only work with a small number of clients. Our availability is extremely limited.

This process takes us an immense amount of time and energy to create. And we are 100% dedicated to seeing our clients see massive results and success. Therefore, we only limit the number of new customers we onboard to two per month. We always fill up and we won’t be increasing that number for a long, long time. We like being able to stay focused on each customer's success.

Our Guarantee

We back our service with insane guarantees


Day Money Back Guarantee

For the first 30 days If for any reason you don’t like our process or feel like we aren’t the right fit for your company we will refund your full deposit 100%. And if we decide that you aren’t the right fit for our process we will refund your full deposit 100%. Sound fair enough?


Day Sales Increase Guarantee

We are 100% dedicated to your success. After we launch your app if you don’t see at least a 20% increase in online sales, online order totals and online repeat customers we won’t charge you another penny until you do. That’s our guarantee. We are confident that if you create this application and you follow our easy guide you will see massive increases in sales and customer retention. We put our money where our mouth is. Does that sound fair enough?

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